Nezal's Pledge

Nezal's range of products are 100% natural and vegetable products like shea butter, Coco butter, Aloe vera, Olive oil, Pure Milk, Turmeric, Aromatherapy oils, Natural Herbal Scrubs etc.

Nezal's range of natural toilet amenities like herbal soaps, shampoo, conditioner, oil, scrub, bubble bath and body lotion are well accepted and solicited by major players in the hospitality industry to pamper their clients and enhance their customers loyalty.

At Nezal we believe in creating the best of products from basic raw ingredients derived from nature, hence we create our own soap base, in-house, by reacting the caustic materials with select range of oils [Coconut oil, Palm kernel oil, etc.] and we are sure of consistent quality and claim all our soap products to be of 100% vegetarian origin as we avoid any kind of animal fats in our process.