About Us

Nezalherbocare.com is a marketplace operated by Nezal Herbocare Pvt Ltd, an independent Herbalife manufacturer serving customers all over India. We aim to establish a platform that helps you reach your wellness goal using the herbal products in a way everyday life. We are endeavoring to offer you nature’s unmatched beauty products that are chemical free and 100% natural to use. We unveil mysteries of nature’s product and avail them for you. We came to this field 8 years back by Mrs. Hutoxi Jilla, an entrepreneur who started making soaps from her kitchen. We then started working with minor commercial clients who helped us market our 100% vegetarian soaps. These are purely formation of glycerin and aloe vera with the highest transparency.

Nezal range of products are 100% natural and vegetable products like shea butter, Coco butter, Aloe vera, Olive oil, Pure Milk, Turmeric, Aromatherapy oils, Natural Herbal Scrubs etc. Nezals range of natural toilet amenities like herbal soaps, shampoo, conditioner, oil, scrub, bubble bath and body lotion are well accepted and solicited by major players in the hospitality industry to pamper their clients and enhance their customers loyalty.

Our latest plant at Navsari GIDC Gujarat, Caters to state of the art manufacturing facilities for soaps, transparent soaps, shampoo, gels and other liquid cosmetics. The base for Nezal Soaps is made in house ensuring that no animal fats are used during the saponification process Nezal Soaps. Unlike our competitors, the base for Nezal soap is made in house ensuring that no animal fats are used during the saponification process. Nezal Soaps are 100% vegetarian, made from only refined Coconut oil, Our products are well accepted throughout India and we have been co-retailing with Hypercity (all India), Dorabjee's Pune, Premsons, Alfa and the list goes on. In the hospitality area we are proud to have clients like The Grant Hyatt (Kalina), The Grand Sarover and Sarover Portico (Goregoan), The Grand Bhagwati (Surat), The Grand Maratha (Sangli) and the list goes on. Recently we have added another feather to our crown by catering to various international clients who value and respect our national products.

Hope this short description will give each and everyone of you a satisfactory idea of how Nezal Herbocare Pvt.Ltd justifies its promises of


"Redefining LIFE the NATURES Way"