Handmade Orange & Bergamot Herbal Soap

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A purely natural handcrafted soap bar based upon the aromatic notes of orange extract and the intrinsic antiseptic of bergamot extract which will leave you with a pleasant citrusy fragrance all the while ensuring your skin receives the best herbal cleansing treatment. Bergamot oil has been a part of Italian traditional medicine for centuries as a natural antiseptic and it has also been used in Ayurvedic preparations for the treatment of acne, skin rashes and superficial inflammation. Bergamot belongs to the citrus family of fruits which inherently makes it go well with orange extract. Nezal has developed a perfect combination of these fruits which delivers cleansing and gentle disinfection imbibed with a refreshing citrusy fragrance.


All vegetarian components

The soap bar is manufactured with all-natural and strictly vegetarian components which delivers a feeling of sanctity each time you use the bar. 

Gentle antiseptic

The all-natural soap bar utilizes the well known antiseptic activity of bergamot oil making it, a herbal alternative to chemical antiseptics which can effectively wash away the bacterial load on the skin. This makes it an excellent control for skin problems like acne, pustules and superficial skin infections.

Enhances wound healing

Bergamot oil has been traditionally used to relieve cracks on the skin as it removes the bacteria which are responsible for slowing down the natural wound healing process. It also helps to prevent the further establishment of bacteria on the skin thereby acting as a prevention for bacterial skin diseases.

Refreshing fragrance

Experience the timelessly refreshing fragrance of orange and the citrusy undernotes of bergamot oil every time you decide to treat your skin to the Nezal all natural orange and Bergamot oil soap bar. Bergamot oil and orange extract are frequently used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress, anxiety and nausea. The mesmerizing fragrance is assured to make you feel relaxed and fresh.