Lavender Handmade Herbal Soap (Made Of Pure Herbs & Natural Essential Oils)

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Over the years, the usage of lavender has increased in medicinal and beauty products. Keeping the benefits in view, Nezal has introduced a 100% Natural Vegan Handmade herbaceous soap. This herbaceous soap is made of lavender with a trace of coconut oil and Aloe vera together adds a twist that detoxifies the skin and promotes mental well-being. Well known for its calming properties, the lavender oil also helps to clear your mind and relieve the stress that you might be holding. Besides soothing aromatherapy properties, lavender is also essential for antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It has incredible cleansing properties that fight against breakouts and balances the pH level of the skin to get a firm look. 

The overall experience in using this soap is amazing as it gives a helping hand in washing all your daily troubles with foamy, fresh and fun. It works best on all skin types but gives an additional benefit to skin prone to acne and sensitivity.


Relaxing bathing experience

Nothing can make us exhaustive as quickly as a strenuous day long at work. you desire to pamper yourself by relaxing your muscles. Therefore, lavender has a miraculous power in getting rid of stress and rejuvenating your body that makes you forget all the stress. 

Promote sleep and fight insomnia

The aroma of lavender induces restless people to deep sleep. The Body and brain waves slow down transiting from a state of wakefulness to sleep. Deep sleep helps in recovering the skin thus regenerating new skin cells ensuing youthfulness and slowing down. It also consists of medicinal properties that aid in treating headaches, nervousness or restlessness. 

Calms skin irritation 

Packed with antifungal properties works effectively in cleaning your skin, relieving itchiness and reduce inflammation resulting in lessen redness and irritation.