Handmade Tropical Island's Herbal & Vegetarian Mix Soap

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This 100% Natural Handmade Herbal Soap by Nezal combines the tropical richness of Coconut oil with the benefits of other essential oil. It has a refreshing tropical island aroma to it that makes each bath you take a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The coconut oil makes the soap rich in fatty acids like Lauric acid and Myristic acid. These have strong antimicrobial properties that help to protect your skin from skin harming diseases like acne, cellulitis and folliculitis. The added Aloe Vera extracts exfoliate the skin, curing acne and clearing the skin of any oil and dirt that might result in a future outbreak. The essential oils give the soap a gentle calming aroma that mindfully brings down stress, anxiety and improves your mood.



Coconut is famous for containing a high dosage of fatty acids like lauric acid and capric acid. Both these fatty acids hinder the growth of bacteria and fungi and promote healthy skin. They are the perfect ingredients of a healthy therapeutic bath. 

Exfoliates the skin

The soap contains natural aloe vera extracts which thoroughly exfoliate the skin by mildly removing the dead cells and revealing the brighter and younger-looking skin that is underneath them.

Prevents acne

65% of Coconut Oil is just fatty acids. These have great antifungal and anti-microbial properties and thus ultimately helps to prevent acne, pimples, and other forms of bacterial and fungal infections.

Treats dry skin

Coconut is scientifically proven to thoroughly moisturize the skin. It nourishes both outer and inner skin layers and thus it is a perfect natural cure for skin dryness and also skin problems like eczema.

Heals sunburnt skin

Aloe vera helps to soothe skin inflammation. It envelops the skin and immediately cools off the burning sensation providing instant relief.