Peppermint & Cucumber Mix Handmade Herbal Soap

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100% Vegan, Natural Nezal Herbal Peppermint and Cucumber soap are suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin. Nezal Peppermint and cucumber soap are made of peppermint oil, cucumber oil, and natural essential oil.

This soap is a perfect blend of toner, moisturizer, and enchanter. Both the ingredients work as a natural agent and help in removing the impurities from the skin, free from pigmentation, tightens pores, giving a smooth texture, even tone and radiant glow to your skin. Fresh cucumber makes your skin refreshing and hydrated for a longer period of time. The distinct aroma of peppermint oil invigorates your senses.


Deep Cleanser and toner

Cucumber oil hydrates and refreshes by removing the dirt clogged on your skin. Peppermint reduces the appearances of pores, tones, and uplifts the skin. Peppermint oil promotes blood circulation which in turn stimulates the skin to its youthfulness.

Removes and control excessive oil and treating acne

Antibacterial properties of peppermint control the excessive oil produced and treating acne and pimples.

Heals the skin

Mint oil purifies your skin with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties improves the speeding process of healing.

Reduces skin tan, dark circles, and skin irritations

Rich in vitamin k, high water content and caffeic acid; an astringent property, a cooling agent existent in cucumber oil soothes your irritated skin that is frequently exposed to the sun.

Additional Benefits

Mild content of natural essential oil helps in moisturizing your skin.