Aloe Vera, Neem & Tulsi With Natural Honey Shampoo

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When it comes to natural herbs with medicinal properties, there’s nothing that beats Neem & Tulsi. A combination of these could be your one shop solution for dandruff, dry scalp, hair fall, and all the other hair related problems. Both Neem and Tulsi possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. They’d drive away dry scalp and dandruff from the first wash leaving enough room for your hair follicles to grow. The added honey and aloe vera extract of this 100% Natural Herbal Shampoo ensures that your scalp is properly nourished and that your hair are long and strong. Neem is also known for preventing hair from greying prematurely. It has a high antioxidant level, which protects your hair from any bad effect caused by sun damage, stress and even hormonal imbalance.


Promotes hair growth

Both Neem and Tulsi are famous for improving hair texture. They reduce hair fall and at the same time strengthen the hair follicles. The regular application would result in thick voluminous hair that doesn’t break easily.

Hydrates the hair

There’s no better natural remedy for rough, frizzy, and dry hair than the herbal mixture of Neem and Tulsi. These provide nourishment to your hair and hydrate the dry strands improving both the look and feel of your hair.

Treats dandruff

Neem is replete with medicinal properties. It is both antibacterial and antifungal. This makes it the perfect remedy for dandruff and itchy and dry scalp. It moisturizes the scalp and reduces itchiness, flakiness and dryness. Regular use would also prevent future occurrence of dandruff.

Prevents premature greying

Both Tulsi and Neem are packed with antioxidants that protect your hair from any external or internal damage that might cause premature ageing.

Reduces hair-fall

Tulsi strengthens the hair by increasing the blood flow to their roots. It prevents hair from falling and clears space for the young hair follicles to grow.