Aloe Vera Handwash With Tulsi & Orange

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The all-natural Nezal’s Orange Tulsi hand wash removes dirt, harmful microorganisms and excessive oil from your hands without robbing them of the natural hydration and softness. Based upon the proven benefits of Tulsi in soothing irritations, providing natural moisturization all the while maintaining the natural texture of the skin. Topped with a refreshing fragrance of oranges which is assured to cheer your mood, Nezal’s hand wash has additional aloe vera extracts that help do the cleansing and skin protection for you and leaving you with a sweet goodbye note of pleasant and long-lasting aroma. Washing hands has never felt this good and natural.


Natural moisturization

Average hand washes are known to make hands dry upon regular use because of their tendency to wash away the natural moisture of the skin. This results in the skin getting flaky and wrinkled over time. Nezal’s hand wash uses the hydrating power of aloe vera to keep the natural moisture intact while also hydrating dry skin to bring it to a normal hydration level, hence making it suitable for frequent hand washing.


Tulsi with Aloe Vera in combination is popular in Ayurveda for treating irritated, inflamed and itchy skin. Utilizing the healing property of Tulsi, the handwash is designed to soothe skin inflammation which makes it suitable for allergic skin, superficial burn, wounds and painful breakouts.

Natural conditioning

The inherent effect of aloe vera stabilizes the moisture level of the skin, helps lighten redness and blemishes thereby giving an even skin tone to the skin while the mild soap base removes excess oil in case of oily hands. This leaves your hands feeling perfectly soft and clean regardless of the skin type, hence making it a perfect hand wash for everyone.


Treat yourself to the refreshing fragrance of orange every time you wash your hands. The natural aroma is sure to lift your spirits up and give you a spike in your mood. 


Tulsi extract is a natural disinfectant and has been used effectively, since the Ayurveda time.