Hair Conditioner(Black Grapes)

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Formulated with the goodness of real Black Grape and Aloe Vera extracts, this 100% Natural Hair conditioner by Nezal is all you might need for healthy and dandruff free hair. Aloe Vera removes the excess oil in your hair while resolving skin inflammations that might result in dandruff or itchy scalp. It contains Vitamin A, E, B-12 etc. that prevent hair from falling and repair sun damage too. These benefits are complemented by the natural black grape extracts present in the conditioner. It adds Vitamin C to the conditioner along with a variety of other antioxidants, which have high-collagen content and cooling properties. They help in increasing the blood circulation of the scalp, promote hair growth, and might also make the hair strands soft and long.


Treats itchy scalp and dandruff

Dry scalp is one of the major causes of dandruff. The fatty acids in Aloe Vera soothe inflammation. They provide enough nourishment to the scalp keeping it healthy and prevent it from manifesting itself into dandruff.

Remove excess oil from hair

Both Aloe Vera and Black Grape deep clean your hair follicles. They remove any extra sebum, dirt, and any oil residue without making the scalp dry or doing any harm to your hair.

Strengthens hair strands

Aloe Vera Contains Vitamin A, E, B-12, and folic acid and Black Grapes have high Vitamin C and many antioxidants. These combine to promote healthy cell growth and so they result in strong, shiny hair that is highly resistant to dust and sun damage.

Promotes hair growth

One of the healing properties of both Aloe Vera and Black Grape is that they both increase blood circulation to the scalp. They thoroughly cleanse the area providing space for young follicles to sprout and are also popular for increasing the rate of hair growth.