Honey & Oatmeal with Pure Herbs Handmade Bathing Soap

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Nothing is more refreshing than using this bathing bar with a combination of oatmeal and honey.  As our skin is exposed to air pollutants and demands for exfoliation in order to regain its shine and glow. Oatmeal gently scrubs and exfoliates the dead skin and mixture with honey locks the moisture in the skin. Honey has been a skincare routine for decades and can revitalize the lost charm of your skin if used daily. 


Natural cleanser called saponins in oatmeal works effectively by gently removing the dirt and clogs the pores. The meticulous formation infused with oatmeal and honey dissolves excessive oil, pampers by washing off all the dirt and not over-stripping or drying out the skin and springs the skin with a fresh feel. 

Exfoliator and Moisturizer

The coarse and grainy texture helps in getting rid of dead skin. Once the exfoliation is done, Oatmeal filled with antioxidants and minerals transforms the tired and damaged skin to smooth and vibrant skin. Honey has a remarkable healing property, which fades out the marks and scars developed by acne and gradually disappearing. It also helps in preventing the wrinkle produced on your skin as you grow in age.