Handmade Herbal Bathing Soap (Jasmine)

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Jasmine has one of the most recognizable fragrances. The human mind tends to associate its sweet aroma with peace and relaxation. This 100% Natural Vegan Handmade soap contains real jasmine extracts that bring its therapeutic properties straight to you. It lowers blood pressure, improves breathing and heart rate and has numerous other psychological benefits as well. This makes it the perfect ingredient to help you relax and rejuvenate after a day’s hard work. Jasmine Oil is one of the essential oils of aromatherapy and it also has many skin benefits as well. It gently hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. Its oil-controlling attributes restore the oil balance of your skin by removing excess oils without making your skin feel dry. The fragrance of the soap stays with you for a long time keeping you in a positive move throughout the day.


Improves blood flow

Jasmine releases endorphins which help rejuvenate the skin by improving the blood flow to it. Even its fragrance has a mood uplifting placebo effect, which also improves blood flow.

Promotes collagen production

Jasmine promotes collagen production, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles and other major signs of ageing. It also eliminates wrinkles and fills in the space left by them.  

Cures acne and pimples

Famed for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, jasmine helps in fighting all the major strains of fungus and bacteria that result in acne and pimples. 

Heals scarred skin

Jasmine helps in forming new tissues and blood vessels, which help in healing burns or acne scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties quicken the healing of chronic wounds. 

Relieves stress and anxiety

Jasmine has an instant effect on brain activity. When you inhale it, it tunes your brain positively making you more aware, energetic and cognitive. It also improves blood pressure and breathing rate, thus automatically reducing stress and anxiety making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.