Coconut Milk & Honey Mix Handmade Herbal Soap

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Nezal Herbocare has come to your rescue with 24-hour protection from dryness and skin that has lost its glow. 100% Natural Vegan Soap made with the goodness of coconut milk and wonders of honey is a proven combination for a thirsty skin that is seeking for nourishment. This combination not only pampers your skin with the long-lasting moisturizing effect but also protects and purifies the skin. In fact, this soap is so amazing that it possesses numerous benefits in one product and is one of a kind that is highly desirable by all skin type for a complete skincare routine.

Coconut Milk is a great ingredient used to flavour the food, but it is even amazing for skin. Excellent source of copper and Rich in Vitamin C helps to improve skin elasticity, prevents the skin from sagging and creates a long-lasting glow. Honey acts as an exfoliator that completely takes off the dryness layer formed due to environmental and harsh products thereby renewing the skin cells. It is effective for acne treatment and prevention, as packed with components of antibacterial. 

Soothes sunburn

Coconut Milk acts as a natural sunscreen and applying it on the sunburnt heals the skin thereby calming and soothing it. Enhancing your bathing experience with this premium soap will gradually create a layer that protects the skin from harmful UV rays which gives you a makeover of your texture and feel.

Prevents premature ageing

Fine lines, wrinkle and sagging of the skin are certain factors that are visible and common at a very young age. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” it holds very true for preventing the skin from ageing. Coconut contains a lot of essential nutrients of vitamin C and E which maintains the elasticity while fading the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Honey, full of antioxidants is very effective in slowing down ageing.

Treating skin conditions

Nezal Herbal Coconut Milk and Honey Soap conditions your skin with its anti-microbial properties of coconut milk that nourishes and is suitable for all skin types. Honey mixed with Aloe Vera works as a natural exfoliator that repairs dry and dull skin thus promoting a new and healthy layer of skin.