Handmade Herbal Soap (Apple Blossom)

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An all-herbal handmade soap brought to you by Nezal, which utilizes the magnificent properties of Apple blossom oil to naturally cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while leaving it with a mesmerizing fragrance of apple blossoms. Feel secure as the 100% natural formulation is devoid of any harsh constituents and let mother nature be the care-taker of your precious skin. Apple Blossom has been historically used for its unique fragrance as a component of perfumes while its oil extract is known to have a moisture-locking emollient effect. The cumulative action of the formula is a fragrant skin which preserves its natural softness and texture.


Unmatched fragrance

Experience the sweet fruity fragrance of apple blossoms which have traditionally been a core component of perfumes and fragrances. It leaves your skin with a long-lasting mild natural fragrance that isn’t too imposing and yet perfectly pleasant.

Natural cleansing

The carefully crafted formula containing a balanced concentration of apple blossom cleanses the skin with its natural mild astringent action. It removes the dirt which is known to harbor bacteria and other disease-causing organisms, thereby gently disinfecting the skin making it healthy for everyday life.

Gentle exfoliation

The soap utilizes the astringent effects of apple blossom extract to shred off the persistent dead skin cells thereby exposing the healthier under-layer and speeding up the natural cellular repair and regeneration of the skin. The result is a healthy-looking skin with a brighter and more even tone.

Skin conditioning

Apple blossom oil has traditionally been used as a part of the essential oil treatment which is aimed to naturally condition the skin, slowly remove any blemishes and restore the even skin tone. Regular use of the soap enhances the radiance, texture, tone, and softness of the skin thus giving it a well-rounded treatment without straying away from using natural components.