Handmade Peach & Mix Fruit Herbal Soap

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A 100% natural soap bar with an extremely gentle combination of peach and mixed fruit extracts in a neutral herbal base which keeps the natural oils of the skin intact and preserves its natural softness. Crafted with special care to ensure the dermatological suitability for children. Let nature take care of the skin of your young ones with its herbal gifts to mankind. Peach extracts help moisturize the skin naturally and also helps in maintaining its natural radiance. Take advantage of the mixed fruit effect as it helps to hasten the natural skin regeneration making it look fresh and healthy. The overall effect is a naturally clean and smooth radiant skin without having to worry about the harmful effects of chemicals that can be too harsh for the skin.


Natural moisturizer

Peach has long been used for its property to impart moisture to the skin without clogging the skin pores thus leaving you with a fresh and non-sticky feeling on your skin.

Created for children skin

The completely herbal nature of the soap has been maintained to ensure its suitability for the soft and gentle skin of young ones. The careful combination of ingredients ensures that the natural moisture of the skin stays intact thus leaving the skin of your little ones feeling clean and fresh without damaging its natural texture.

Skin protection

Peach extracts are rich in Vitamin C and a wide spectrum of naturally occurring minerals and antioxidants which help in protecting the skin against harmful effects of radiation while also repairing the existing damage by enhancing the natural collagen synthesis.

Skin exfoliation

The enzymes present in the mixed fruits help to remove the dead skin cells laying the way for the new ones to regenerate and repair. This leads to the skin looking clean, radiant and full of life. Its uniform exfoliation helps in the evening up the natural skin tone.