Watermelon Blend Handmade Herbal Soap

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Watermelon provides you with one of the most potent natural formulas for preventing excess oil from the skin. It gives you one for people with oily skin. It reduces the skin pore size that secretes sebaceous oil, which can sometimes make keeping your skin clear a daunting task. This Vegan soap Nezal with its 100% Natural Watermelon extracts would keep your skin oil in control but won’t leave it dry.

Watermelon is 92% water and so it is ideal for rehydrating your skin, especially during the hot summer months. It is full of Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin A and plenty of amino acids, lycopene, and many other antioxidants. All these make it an ideal ingredient for a clear, healthy, and oil-free skin. The soap also combines Watermelon essential oil and perfume providing it with a rejuvenating cooling essence, which would refresh and energize you every time you take a bath.


Prevents ageing

Cells called free radicals damage our skin over time and cause ageing. Watermelon contains a variety of antioxidants, which help in reducing these free radicals and eliminating most of the vital signs of ageing. The Vitamin A present in it also promotes the growth of elastin cells and collagens that make your skin look younger.

Reduces skin oil production

Watermelon reduces the size of skin pores that secrete sebaceous oil.  This helps in keeping the skin oil-free for a longer time.

Hydrates the skin

Watermelon is the fruit with the highest water content. The watermelon extracts in this soap make it exceptionally good at hydrating dry skin.

Acts as a skin toner

The natural watermelon extracts help in shrinking body tissues. This makes it a natural skin toner and it always gives your skin a refreshing look.


Watermelon contains many electrolytes and citrulline. These provide this soap with its surprising anti-inflammatory properties. A single bath would soothe sore muscles and reduce muscle fatigue.