Pineapple Aqua Moisturizing Handmade Bathing Soap

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Pineapple is a rich source of skin benefitting minerals like Vitamin C and amino acids. These when combined with a mixture of cocoa and shea butter, synthesize into a moisturizing mixture that’s rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This 100% Natural Vegan Handmade Soap by Nezal contains reals Pineapple extract and herbs that contain high-level antioxidants and skin benefitting minerals. Its benefits include keeping skin free from acne, pimples, and wrinkles and keeping away dark spots, blemishes, blackheads, etc. The minerals present in the soap revitalize the skin by eliminating excess oil and hydrating it. Vitamin C lends it with a healing touch, and Vitamin A supplements that with its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial benefits. The soap uses a lot of essential oils that lend it with a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma.


Treats acne

Pineapple extracts contain a high amount of bromelain, Vitamin C and many antioxidants. They prevent acne, reduce fine lines, and their antifungal properties help to fight against acne and other skin infections.

Makes skin look younger

Pineapple contains bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells and keeps them at bay. By fighting all the major signs of ageing, it refreshes your skin making it look younger and healthier.

Reduces dark spots

A large number of antioxidants present in pineapple make it an ideal material for dark spot treatment. These lighten the skin tone and even out the complexion making dark spots less prominent.

Eliminates scars and blemishes

Pineapple has bromelain, it’s an efficient enzyme, which combines with ascorbic acid to make the skin tone even and eliminate all the scars and blemishes caused by sun damage or skin diseases like acne.

Prevents pimples

The antioxidants present in Pineapple give a thorough cleansing to the skin. They automatically remove the excess oil present in the skin pores, thus help prevent the pimples from forming.