Pure Mix Of Tea & Peppermint Herbals Soap

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An all-natural and handmade soap bar containing a perfectly balanced combination of tea tree oil and peppermint herbs that give your skin a gentle soothing antiseptic treatment. Incorporated with a diligent dose of tea tree oil which is known for its natural antiseptic and antifungal properties which naturally cleanse the skin of harmful pathogens. The natural peppermint herbal extract helps to soothe irritated skin while also removing any excess oils and dirt. Together these two components have an astounding action to soothe a skin afflicted with acne, boils, wounds, and irritation while also aiding in the natural healing process by reducing the pathogenic load from the skin.


Gentle antiseptic

Infused with tea tree oil which has traditionally been used to cleanse the skin of harmful bacteria and fungi which are known to cause skin infections. The antiseptic action of tea tree oil helps in clearing out existing dermatological infections while simultaneously preventing the establishment of harmful organisms on the skin to keep it disease-free and healthy. 

Soothing effect

A careful concentration of peppermint extract ensures relief from existing skin irritations. It helps soothe the skin surface in case of superficial inflammation caused by repetitive itching, allergies, infections, wounds, and disruption of skin surface integrity.

Boosts wound healing

The antibacterial properties of the soap quicken the process of wound healing by reducing the superficial bacterial population which can cause a delay in scab formation or in some cases even worsen the state of the wound by causing infection of the exposed inner layers of the skin.

Gentle cleansing

The all-natural formula of the soap is devoid of any harsh ingredients which ensure the cleansing of your skin does not come with any long term damage to its texture and appearance. The natural extracts have been carefully added in a perfect proportion to provide ample skin cleansing and soothing without causing unwanted dryness or roughness.

Ample oil control

The soap takes care of the unwanted skin breakouts with the help of optimum oil control. Peppermint oil has been known to reduce the oil secretion from the skin glands thereby reducing the stickiness which is often implicated as a root cause of acne disorder.