Rose Bath Salt

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This 100% Herbal Handmade Soap by Nezal contains Epsom salt and natural rose extracts. Epsom salt is rich in skin-benefiting minerals like magnesium. These provide the soap with its amazing stress relieving and exfoliating properties. Added to it is the therapeutic essence of rose that helps you elevate your bathing experience to relax your body and de-stress your mind. Centered on the aromatherapeutic effects of rose essence and the muscular relaxation provided by the Epsom salt base, Nezal’s rose bath salt is assured to provide you with a mesmerizing bath. The rose oil in the soap supplements the Epsom salt as it also relieves pain decreases stress and anxiety, and on top of it even has an antibacterial property. Combined with a careful mixture of bath salts and essential oils this soap acts as a vehicle to evenly deliver the essence of rose and Epsom salt evenly on your skin. It leaves your skin naturally cleansed, your mind relaxed and your skin with a captivating fragrance of natural roses.


Helps relieve pain and soreness

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium which promotes muscle recovery and helps relieve pain caused by repetitive stress on body muscles. The rose essence also relaxes the muscles and promotes muscular well-being.

Gentle antiseptic

The mild antibacterial activity of the rose extract along with the cleanser like the action of bath salts helps remove the bacteria residing on the top layer of skin. This leaves your skin feeling visibly cleaner all the while making it less susceptible to microorganism-based skin disorders. Feel assured that your sensual bath also gives you a cleaner, healthier skin.


Epsom salt has been traditionally recommended to remove dead skin cells with their astringent action on the skin. Bring in your loofah to enhance the exfoliation even further and get ready to be amazed by the radiant under-skin which has an even tone and feels lively and healthy

Mentally relaxing

A hot bath with Epsom bath salt is going to make you leave the worries behind as you indulge in treating your body and mind to its soothing presence. Rose fragrance has been used in aromatherapy to alleviate mental stress and promote emotional well-being. This product is sure to help you ease the stress off your body and help you maintain a peaceful state of mind.