Sea Fresh Bath Salt

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Reinvent your everyday bathing experience with Nezal’s sea fresh Epsom bath salt soap which relaxes your body and mind letting you experience the lively natural fragrance of the sea all the while staying inside your own bathroom. The unique smell of the ocean has been sought after by many as it helps to relax the mind and promote mindfulness. The perfectly curated blend of Epsom salt cleanses your skin and removes dead cells simultaneously when your mind enjoys the refreshingly fresh smell of the sea. The sensuous aroma helps alleviate stress and anxiety and bring your mind to the present. The end result is a mesmerizing spa-like bathing experience with you feeling and smelling fresher. Let mother nature lead the way to your mental relaxation and emotional wellbeing.



Utilizing the intrinsic detergent like property of Epsom salts, Nezal’s sea fresh bath salts help to exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cell buildup which promotes cellular repair and regeneration. The skin looks visibly cleaner, radiant and evenly toned. 


The unmatched fragrance of sea fresh combined with the relaxing properties of Epsom salt is assured to leave you with a relaxed state of mind. Fragrances have been a cornerstone of aromatherapy which has been used to treat anxiety and depression. Epsom salt moreover contains magnesium which relaxes the muscles naturally. It promotes mindfulness and alleviates mental stress. 


The exfoliating action of Epsom salts helps in removing dirt, excessive oil and harmful microorganisms from the top layer of skin. Along with the exfoliative action, it makes the skin less susceptible to infectious disorders and helps in the healing of acne, skin breakouts, and superficial wounds. The sensuous mental relaxation also comes with uncompromised skin protection which is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

Muscle recovery

Epsom salt contains a perfect blend of several soluble minerals like magnesium. It aids in the recovery of muscles from fatigue, soreness, and pain caused by prolonged use. This makes Nezal’s bath salts a perfect choice for an end-of-the-day bath as it is assured to relieve a day’s worth of stress and help you get to bed with a relaxed body.