Handmade Jasmine Soap (Skin Softening Properties)

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With its romantic and intoxicating sweet fragrance, this 100% Vegan Natural Handmade Soap by Nezal covers your skin with the essence of one of the sweetest smelling flowers. Jasmine also has many other skin-benefiting properties. It is naturally antiseptic and is scientifically proven to be antibacterial as well. It softens the skin, hydrates it so gently that it doesn’t leave any clogged pores behind, thus making it good for all the skin types. Jasmine also has oil-controlling attributes that balance the oil on your skin. It reduces the oil without making your skin feel dry. The Jasmine smell is famed for its therapeutic properties. It is one of the essential smells of aromatherapy and helps you in fighting stress, lifting your mood and ensuring better sleep.


Uplifts the mood

The fragrance of Jasmine oil helps to ease anxiety and restlessness and thus uplifting your mood. It releases endorphins that rejuvenate the skin by improving the blood flow.


Jasmine lowers fine lines and promotes collagen production. It eliminates wrinkles and also fills in the space left by wrinkles.


Jasmine is proven to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It works against the major strains of bacteria that cause skin infections and pimples. It cures acne and other similar fungal infections as well. 

Heals wounds

No matter how chronic the wound is, Jasmine oil heals wounds by the formation of scar tissues. It does so by forming new tissues and increasing the formation of new blood vessels. Jasmine is also anti-inflammatory and is effective against the treatment of many skin related diseases like psoriasis.

Relieves stress

When inhaled the smell of Jasmine affects brain activity making you feel more energetic, aware, and romantic. It improves breathing rate and blood pressure and thus ultimately helps in reducing stress and keeping you fresh for a longer period of time.